The Results


“Thanks so much, Maria. I’m grateful to you for having set me on this wonderful path! I feel like I have my life back.”

-Kate N.

When Kate first came to see me, she was in a desperate place. She was suffering from terrible digestive issues that had interrupted her daily life for the past 15 years. Her energy was tanked and she complained about rash that all of a sudden appeared across her face. To say she felt terrible is an understatement.

It was a challenging journey that required changing in some daily habits including her diet, sleep schedule and overall food hygiene. But Kate was up for the challenge. Her hubby was on board to support her too. Considering he was the primary cook in the house, he even came to her appointments so that they were on the same page.

After just a few months, Kate walked back into my office gleaming. She visibly looked like a different person, full of energy and smiles. Her digestive issues had cleared up which is something she hadn’t experienced in years. The rash on her face was gone and she proudly shared she had lost close to 20 lbs.

More Success Stories

“Before meeting with Maria, my eating habits and general nutrition were extremely poor. I had been warned that nutritionists sometimes expect too much and can be too severe. Maria’s approach to nutrition is refreshing and encouraging. She realizes every client is different and looks at the entire picture and took the time to look into my background to find out in detail what my body was lacking before developing a plan of action.

Since my meetings with Maria, I have been able to gain healthy weight, have noticed a positive change in mood stability and significant change in my body.When looking back at myself before working with Maria and seeing how much I have transformed since then, I could not be happier with the decision I made. I have gained a far greater knowledge of how to listen to my body and care for it with nutrition. The steps she created to help me achieve the health I wanted were encouraging and very do-able. My friends and family have seen first hand my transformation!”

-Irene J.

This was my second time working with Maria and I cannot say enough about my experiences.  This last time I worked with her to balance hormones. I had been on birth control for too long!!  After working with Maria, my energy and sleep patterns are great, skin is the best it’s been in years, and while everyone around me was getting sick.. I felt great!  Thank you Maria!!

-Sarah S.

” I have more energy and have had less headaches. My weight is slowly going down. I am more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth, am trying new foods and liking most of them. I now know that I’m able to make healthy doable changes. I also know it will take time, and I don’t have to be perfect. Other programs are based on the scale, yours is how to do life.”

-Chris G.

“I was thinking about you the other day. I’m doing great. The reason I was going to email you was to tell you how significant my health score improved. Every year we have to do a health assessment for work insurance. My numbers have been good but this year they were awesome. Cholesterol  from 188 last year to 169 this year. HDL, the good cholesterol, has  always evaded me but this year I got it!!! Last year 53 to 60 this year (we have to be over 50). 
My LDL, bad cholesterol, went from 116 to 94. My ration went from 3.5 last year to 2.8.
Just motivates me to keep doing what the program taught me and strive to keep going everyday.”
-Maria M.


“I went to the doctor and was shocked to find out that I lost 6 lbs in just 5 weeks of the program. People have noticed it too! I have been enjoying the recipes and trying all the new dishes.”

“Within the first week, I noticed a huge improvement in my digestion. No longer feel that heavy sensation throughout the day. I feel so much lighter and it was from making just a couple changes. This is so wonderful because it doesn’t feel like a diet at all! It is something I feel I will be able to continue as a lifestyle change.

“This program has made me realize how stress really can have an affect on my decisions and health. Before I would just continue down the path but now I have some fundamental practices that get me right back on track without staying stuck.”


 “This was the first time in my life I was told not to be worried about counting calories or fat. I was convinced I was a sugar junkie before doing this program. It’s so empowering to understand why and when I should eat things! I realized I was really enjoying what I was eating and actually tasting my food during the program. I have two little ones and I now have the knowledge to teach them how to fuel their bodies.” 

-Tricia K.


Maria meets people where their understanding is. She can talk at a technical or simple level. She is kind and non-judgmental. She truly cares for your mental and physical well-being. After doing her program, my belly was less bloated and my pants slipped on nicely with more room than ever before. It broke the cycle of my intense cravings. Now, I can look the other way a bit easier.  

-Nicole Donnelly CEO of

Maria has a very comprehensive approach and can clearly take into account everything that a person is dealing with and treat them with respect and the utmost support.  She is very balanced and not unrealistically extreme, and helped me shift over to a much more forgiving yet still persistent and striving-for-progress approach. I felt very valued during my time with Maria.  She never felt like my struggles were minimized.  She took them for what they were to me and helped me approach it the way I needed to that was best for me.

– J.R. 


353_1054107545614_6831_nNot worrying about calories has been a godsend! The food I’m eating is making me fuller and therefore portion size seems to be taking care of itself. Worrying about calories has always made me nuts and more prone to making poor choices. I feel like I found something I can make  a part of my life.

I love that you didn’t present me with an “ideal”. So many programs make you feel crazy with their restrictions.  Yours are just the opposite…NOT CRAZY! You are very real and practice what you preach. Trust is important on this journey and you were trustworthy from the very beginning.

-Sarah Hwang


“Just wanted to thank you Maria for everything. This is exactly what I was looking for! This was a different way of thinking that is more natural and realistic, not just focused on fat weight loss. I’ve been telling everyone about you! No more scales for me…because they lie! My clothes are very loose and my 4 sets of scrubs for work are all loosey goosey on me. You gave me different way to look at food and now I am actually excited to eat again.”

– Maria M. 

Amber“After working with my Maria, I feel that my cravings are in check.  When I do crave something sweet, I’m able to more quickly see that it may actually be something else that I’m lacking in my life, more water, or just an emotion that is not getting enough attention. Maria is loving, supportive, knowledgeable and right there when you need her.”

Amber P.


“One simple conversation with Maria changed the way I eat and feel every day! She is educated, nonjudgmental and an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Peter R.


“I just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with us, and for having such a positive impact already on my daughter. You have a wonderful approach to food, exercise, and life.

She was so inspired that she talked ALL the way home, and then explained everything that we had learned to my husband when he got home from work. Her conclusion to her dad was this: “Not only is Maria nice and caring, but she explained everything so well, and it made so much sense, that I really want to make all of the changes she suggested.” 

Thanks again for your care and thoughtful approach, which goes beyond your comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and health. We are grateful to be working with you.”

 – T.S.


372298_502102634_1071166081_n “Maria knows there is a huge emotional component to food for most of us and she doesn’t shy away from confronting it. It was because of this that I was able to make healthy changes that I felt confident are going to “stick”. I feel so much happier around food and am not as afraid of it as I once was. This way of eating gives me more steady energy throughout the day and makes me feel good!

 – Laura B.


I have refocused on nourishing my body the way it needs to be nourished. Unexpectedly, I started to focus on pleasurable experiences that do not involve food. It is a complete health and well being program, not just a food focused program. 

– Ann I. 

You made me realize how much was in my mind and the power of your thoughts in regards to why I make certain choices around food.

Natalie G. 


I feel so much better since I have changed my diet and really started to focus on drinking more water. So much better sleep and my pants are looser! I really enjoy our meetings and think you are awesome how you deliver information in such a fun and informative way.

– Linda T. 

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