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Whether you are thinking of converting to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle or have been eating all “veg” your entire life, there are some pitfalls that a majority fall into when eating a mostly plant based diet. Although we all like to think that by avoiding eating animal protein is better for us, it is easy to […]

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Many believe that coffee ignites their inner fire and gives them energy to face the day and potential villains. It’s true coffee has a number of energizing and health benefits, however, it also comes with some side effects that are not so stable when consumed in high volumes. I have come to an agreement with […]


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With one of the biggest feasting days approaching rather quickly, I decided to make sure you are prepared beyond belief to take on Turkey Day with gusto. And not the type of gusto that leaves you unbutton your pants for extra room. I am talking about the I ate delicious food that I actually enjoyed and […]

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After doing a segment on The Morning Blend television show on healthy swap out foods for your children, I had a novel idea to make some homemade kick butt granola bars that not only your kiddies will love, but you can feel good about indulging in yourself. The problem with most store bought granola bars, […]

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Decadent Frozen Chocolate Pie 0

Decadent Frozen Chocolate Pie This recipe is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and a pleasurable way to enjoy a daily indulgence. Oh, did I mention it is gluten-free, dairy free and totally raw? Uh, yeah…enjoy. Crust 7 Medjool Dates pitted 1 tbsp coconut oil melted 3/4 c pecan pieces/hazelnuts/macademia nuts Directions Combine all ingredients into a […]

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Although not initially intended, this post gives a little shout out to all the men and women serving in our armed forces. Random, right? Give me a minute here and you will see. After spending a delightful day out in the rare Vancouver sunshine, I decided to test out a recipe that was suggested to […]

Roasted Leek Chips


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Right when my cabin fever has hit its max, spring has decided to creep its way in. Thank goodness! Time to start shedding some of the heavier layers of winter and step out into the fresh clean air. Spring cleaning isn’t only an annual regime that you partake in on your wardrobe and windows. Your […]

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Although the holiday season is long gone, there is one holiday that doesn’t get the hoorah-rah or making spirits bright reputation that it really deserves. Yes, it is true that both men and women find this holiday to be a pain, usually ornery in spirit and typically unpleasant. Add to that its reoccurrence every month, […]


Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Tahini and Thyme Dressing tossed with red chard

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Tahini and Thyme Dressing 0

Brussel sprouts are full of anything but BS! These cute cruciferous buds are packed with with antioxidants, fiber and heart healthy nutrients. Great roasted, steamed, on salads, or as my adorable friend K likes them, the main event of every meal. Ingredients 5 cups brussel sprouts (sprinkled with fresh lemon juice at least 5 minutes […]