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Planning an upcoming event or retreat and would like to incorporate a discussion on holistic health/nutrition?

Many people find interest in the field of wellness and strive to incorporate as much as they can. However, the majority struggles to shuffle through all of the information out there without getting completely overwhelmed or confused.

Maria’s ability to connect with her audience and deliver the message that overall health doesn’t have to be a struggle. Her down-to-earth attitude and humor make these speaking engagements enjoyable and easy to learn from.

She breaks down the science while explaining HOW to make simple changes without breaking the bank or gutting out your kitchen. Maria’s approach inspires people to look at their health and food in a different way and empowers them to feel confident in their choices.

From grade school up to high school students, yoga retreats and team meetings, Maria has delivered insightful and uplifting talks to a wide variety of audiences.

“You had just the right amount of information that a lay-person could digest (no pun intended!) and start to implement into their everyday life without costing them anything.  Well, other than purchasing healthy food products and maybe educating themselves on quality verses quantity grocery shopping.


Change is not a comfortable thing and gradual is better than immediate!  You did a great job of conveying this message during your presentation.


The most charming thing about you is your humor!!!!  Making health and wellness a fun experience is not what media depicts.  So, your work is cut out for you telling them something they may not really want to hear.  But, your realism with a little bit of comedy relief, draws people in very easily! For as lighthearted as you are, you also turned on your serious side when questions came up.


The last thing, and it is more personal, is that you are a “real” person!  Many of the audience expected a rigid and model thin person who would be lecturing them on the way to live their life.  Instead, they met a healthy woman who lives life the way that they do.  Stumbling blocks and all!!!  You gave them permission to have bad days and get back in the saddle the next day.  It is very helpful for people to hear that you make your own mistakes or eat pizza at midnight and have a few glasses of wine now and again.  You are not judgmental and that goes miles and miles with people!


The day made every student feel much joy, lightness and a new-found way of thinking about nutrition, creating calm in their lives and incorporating daily movement and meditation!  I hope we have the opportunity to work with one another again in the future.”

– Debbie Leonard Yoga Instructor

Revitalize in 2015 Yoga Retreat

For more information on having Maria speak at your next event, please send an email to mtviall@gmail.com or send a message here.

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