What Makes This Different

There is a science behind the way in which food can improve, restore, revive and even heal the human body. I am not here to just hold your hand while you experiment with what works for you and what doesn’t. I am here to teach you how to fuel your body with delicious foods while regaining control over your food choices and self-defeating thoughts.


What’s Working for Your Body 

You are unique. You don’t operate the same as the person next to you, nor will trying to do what works for a fitness model, diet expert or coworker work for you. Your health, body and thought patterns assimilate, digest,  and metabolize completely different from anyone else and require different things.

This reality is what inspired me to seek a deeper knowledge in the field of holistic nutrition. Turns out, studying dietary theories can only help someone so much. I wanted to acquire an education that brought the science to the field while gaining accreditation that was internationally recognized, knowing that it will only help implement this much needed field into today’s health care.

What This Isn’t

This is not a diet plan, a list of best and worst foods, nor is it a restrictive, fear-filled approach to radical eating. That is not why you are here. You’re here because you want to actually do something once and for all about your health, your body & your ability to thrive.

marie-85“I loved the one-on-one attention and really looked forward to our appointments. Maria really taught me how to be more aware of what I am eating and how it will make me feel. I loved trying the new foods and tips you would give me-I actually enjoyed challenging myself. Maria’s approach is totally different. I was able to eat what I wanted which made it the only program that I actually stuck with. You are truly inspirational. Thank you for everything.”


“Maria’s approach to nutrition is refreshing and encouraging. She realizes every client is different and looks at the entire picture of the individual before developing a plan of action. She took time to look into my background and find out in detail what my body was lacking. Her program is realistic and I believe this is why it is so effective.”

Individualized Programs

You will discover ways in which you’re body has been stuck and feel a new sense of inspiration, lightness and hope in regards to your health.


What many of my clients have experienced through working with me:

A noticeable increase in energy, balanced moods and glowing skin.

A decrease in anxiety, restless nights and depression.

Natural weight loss that stays off.

Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

A decrease in fear and/or confusion regarding food.

Improved menstrual cycles without PMS.

Diminished old patterns of self-destruction and self-sabotage.

Clearer skin and reduction in acne/blemishes

A new approach to health and a nourished body.

Feeling at ease with food choices.

An increased sense of empowerment to try new things.

Contact me here to find out more about working one-on-one with me.


“Maria meets people where their understanding is. She can talk technical or simple depending on the conversation. She is nonjudgmental and truly cares for not just your physical but your mental well-being as well.”


“You give me such hope! I know there are many others who are feeling the same frustrations and discouragement. I wonder whether you truly know inside how powerful your gift is that you bring to the world.”

Not worrying about quantity and calories has been a godsend. But I have to say the food I’m eating is making me fuller and therefore portion size seems to be taking care of itself. People who want to make a change to be healthy CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS even if they “screw up” a bunch of times and I LOVE that!”


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