Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies that effectively implement a wellness culture realize cost savings in retention, recruitment, reputation and employee “presenteeism” (engagement). Year-round comprehensive corporate wellness programs show savings-to-cost ratios of more than $3 saved for each $1 invested in wellness.

“[The business community] is the only one, that benefits from people being healthy. Everyone else benefits from people being sick” – Research Center at the University of Michigan


An article on reports that roughly three quarters of healthcare costs stem from the lifestyle habits of staff members, suggesting that programs focused towards healthy lifestyle behavior may be successful in reducing the costs associated with health care, absenteism and sick days.

A growing number of top employers are taking a preventative approach to these costs by providing employee wellness programs as a standard employee benefit.

“On the wellness front, we’re seeing large and small companies investing significant time and money in wellness incentives as strategic tools to stimulate employee engagement and control costs.” – Rich Gallun (CEO of bswift Human Resources Firm)


Healthier employees have more energy and are more productive. Because they feel better physically and mentally, they experience fewer mood swings, resulting in better staff and client relations. They take fewer sick days, seek medical attention less often and work more efficiently.

My engaging corporate health and wellness workshops are designed to not only educate your employees on the importance of healthy living but inspire them to make their health a priority. I have a selection of programs from Lunch & Learn Seminars, Onsite Workshops and Consulting Services to a full Comprehensive Wellness Plan tailor made to your organization’s individual needs.

In addition to group presentations, I can work individually with employees to further enhance and address their specific health goals.

 “I liked the fact that Maria was an informer and a teacher and not just someone pushing their opinion at you.
I also liked the fact that she said all of these things will affect each person differently and this was not just a one fix trick.”


“I really liked how down to earth that Maria seemed to be and that she was able to/welcomed questions.  You could tell that she has a lot of knowledge about nutrition and is able to convey it in a way that is both understandable to the layperson yet not too dumbed down that it lacks real information.”


“I thought that she had relevant arguments to back up the facts she was presenting, made it easier to take her seriously.  Also, her “one-size does not fit all” approach, and willingness to answer questions privately, was a great bonus to the discussion, so that I could take away something that was particular to me or my family, rather than just to the group at large.”

Example Workshop Topics

  •  Stress: The Weight Culprit

  • What’s for breakfast?
  • 5 Tips to Feeling Good and Looking Great
  • Eating For Energy


Benefits to Your Business

· Increased company loyalty

· Decrease absenteeism

· Improve health & energy of staff

· Increase morale & retains vision, teamwork and cohesiveness of staff

· Attract & retain the best people

· Increase employee performance, creativity & execution

· Decrease absenteeism

· Decrease medical costs & turnover rate


For information about setting up a corporate lunch-n-learn or wellness program, contact me here.

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