Roasted Leek Chips

Roasted Leeks, Leek Recipes, Vegetable ChipsAlthough not initially intended, this post gives a little shout out to all the men and women serving in our armed forces. Random, right? Give me a minute here and you will see.

After spending a delightful day out in the rare Vancouver sunshine, I decided to test out a recipe that was suggested to me by Paul the most suave farmer on the Nat Bailey Farmer’s Market block.

How could you not buy produce from this guy?

Paul sold me a beautiful bouquet of leeks. His selling point? “These make the most delicious leek chips I have ever tasted”. Now I have had my fair share of “chips” made from a variety of fruits and veggies such as butternut squash, zucchini, banana, apple, pear, tomato, and the oh so popular one now, kale. However, leek chips were not something I have ever tried or even hear of for that matter.

So being an eternal optimist and also hungry for new things to test out, I spent the afternoon making leek chips so I could share it with you! No need to thank me, just make them and we will call it even.

These beautiful palm look-a-likes are usually added to soups, stews and even roasted (mmmm). Tasting a tad sweeter and a tich tangier than an onion makes them an easy addition to almost any dish. Plus they add a pop of color to some rather bland looking entrees.

Leeks are part of the onion or Allium family which is known for its phytonutrient content. Phytonutrients help protect your health by providing antioxidants that fend of cellular damage to your body’s cardiovascular, immune, nervous and respiratory systems. Think of them as little soldiers guarding and protecting you from nasty invaders. Leeks are also sulfur containing vegetables which are beneficial detoxifiers and help reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. [1]

Badges of Honor

After slicing these green beauts and placing them on parchment paper, I started to feel like a corporal decorating the arm of a soldier with bright green Army Chevrons. Remember how I told you that leeks act like soldiers?  I guess one would say they have an affinity for defense.Now, I am no war monger but these badge-like babies makes a gal proud of her fellow country men and women who protect us everyday. Support our troops and eat those leeks!!

[1] Mateljan, George. The World’s Healthiest Foods. Seattle, WA: GMF Publishing, 2007.




One large leek

Olive Oil

Parchment Paper


  1. Make sure to wash the leek as you peel away each sheet. There usually is dirt trapped in between so peeling them under running water is easiest.
  2. Each “sheet” will naturally fold, keeping it folded, slice the leek on a diagonal. They should look like a Chevron unfolded.
  3. Place the leek pieces on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
  4. Brush the leeks with olive oil lightly on both sides.
  5. With the oven set at 250, place cookie sheet on the top rack.
  6. Allow leeks to slowly bake for 4-6 hours or until they turn crispy.
  7. Enjoy on salads, casseroles, crumbled up and sprinkled on popcorn or all by their delicious lonesome!

And if you are wondering what to do with the feathery bottoms? Paul suggests adding them to your next stir fry.

Roasted Leek Chips

Aren't they just stunning?

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