My Skin Care Secrets   Recently updated !

I get a lot of questions from people regarding what I use on my skin or my “secrets” to healthy skin. Since this seems to be a topic that resonates with every age, I thought I would share my skin care secrets that have served me well.

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WATER: No shockers here, I know. However, never underestimate what proper hydration can do to your complexion. It simply cannot be replace with anything else. I aim for over 100 fluid ounces of water each day and make sure to start every morning with at least 30 fluid ounces (a large mason jar full).


GREEN TEA: High in antioxidants, this potent beverage is not only anti-inflammatory on the inside but the left over tea bags make for a great eye mask. Simply place the cooled down tea bags over your eyes and let them sit there for 10 minutes. This can help reduce those puffy red eyes. Feel free to place the tea bags on other areas of your face for a similar effect.


OLIVE OIL: Famous for its delicious flavor in cuisine, this oil packs a number of health benefits from the inside out. High in free radical fighting antioxidants and nourishing monounsaturated fat, olive oil is a great substitute for transfer, sugar-laden store bought salad dressing. Pour it over your salads or freshly steamed vegetables and even use it directly on your skin to moisturize and smooth. Makes for a great lip softener too. Tip: To test the quality of your olive oil, place it in the refrigerator. A good quality oil will harden to a solid form.


RAW HONEY AND BAKING SODA: Raw honey has some amazing moisturizing properties which makes it great for a skin mask. Add 1 tbsp raw honey to 2 tbsp aluminum free baking soda. Mix together until well blended. Apply a thin layer to skin with fingers. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Removing the mask using warm water and gentle circular motions with your fingertips. Pat dry and notice your skin feeling brighter and softer. TIP: You can keep this mixture in readily available in your bathroom to use whenever you need a natural face lift. It doesn’t expire.


HYALURONIC ACID: An ingredient found in loads of high end beauty products and for good reason. Hyaluronic acid helps promote collagen production and hydrates the skin. Collagen is that wonderful nutrient that keeps skin looking young and taut. The best food sources are bone broth, greens and vitamin C rich foods. My secret is using Vital Proteins Beauty Greens every morning. I mix it in with water every morning for a skin boosting tonic. I actually like all of their collagen products for skin health but I personally LOVE the Beauty Greens.


VITAMIN C RICH FOODS: Broccoli, yellow bell peppers, berries, kiwi, papaya and kale really shine in terms of the anti-oxidant vitamin. Known for helping protect the skin from free radicals and the break down of collagen. Filling your plate with these foods at every meal can ensure you are feeding your face with all the vitamin C needed for beautiful skin.





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