Monday Blues Away Smoothie 2

Oh boy, did my case of the Mondays get blown out of the water this morning! I kind of love everything about this juice (I made a double batch, and did not make out with any to spare).…deep purple color from the blueberries, a bit of sweetness from the banana, plus you would never guess from the taste how much greenery is in this baby.

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Blueberries- Hard to believe these cute little guys can aid in the renewal of liver cells.[1] It’s true. Actually the blue that gives blueberries their hue is from some of the most powerful antioxidants called anthocyanidines, which have been shown to improve the entire vascular system. Considered a superfood due to is nutrient power punch, blueberries can also help in cancer prevention and weight loss.[2]

Spinach- Where to begin with spinach. I am just going to lay it all out here:

  • Excellent source of iron (important for transporting oxygen throughout the body)
  • Promotes optimal health and proven to help decrease cancer risk
  • Excellent source of vitamins C and A (beta-carotene) which are connected to heart, brain, and vision health[2]
  • Anti-inflammatory that promotes energy, bone health, digestive health, restful sleep and muscle building…you get the point

Banana- The easiest portable fruit there is. Bananas are one of the best sources of potassium and B6. A big favorite among athletes, the potassium helps with muscle cramping and hydration. Potassium-rich foods like the banana, have been effective in lowering blood pressure and treating distension. [1] Also a heavy hitter with the antioxidant duo vitamin C and manganese which help protect cells against free radicals. Bananas also promote digestive health and protect against ulcers.[2]

Without further adieu, Monday Blues Away Juice.


[1] Pitchford, Paul. Healing with Whole Foods. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2002.

[2] Mateljan, George. The World’s Healthiest Foods. Seattle, WA: GMF Publishing, 2007.


1 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 frozen banana (best to peel the banana before freezing–lesson I learned)

2 c spinach

1/2 c filtered water

***For all you blender users: be sure to chop up the produce to make it easier for blending


  • Place all ingredients in the blender/Vitamix/food processor
  • Pulse a few times to allow the frozen bananas to get broken down and then crank up the speed
  • Blend on high for 2-3 minutes
  • Add more water if mixture is too thick
  • Drink your blues away!




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