Mind Body Shift

 What if you could:

Feel great waking up in the morning completely rested and ready to rock the day?

Enjoy getting dressed because you like the way you fit and feel in your clothes?

Look forward to eating without diet confusion, counting calories or food regret?

Learn how to balance your weight without the craziness of diet regimes?

Make lifestyle and nutritional changes that the whole family would enjoy?

Stop feeling uncomfortable in your body and really enjoy how you feel in your skin?

Have confidence and trust around food without any regret or disappointment?

Stop believing you don’t have the self-control it takes to be thin, healthy and happy?

With a boat load of information out there, you feel like you are ready to take the right steps but you don’t know where to start.

I created a platform that will not only show you how to effectively shift your eating but sets you up with a completely new lifestyle you will feel and look amazing in.

The Mind Body Shift takes you from feeling tired, overwhelmed and unhappy with your body to feeling full of energy, loving what you see in the mirror and enjoying the food you eat every day.

Most importantly, it is specifically designed with the tools to make it a lifestyle.

Every week throughout the program, you will receive a new module specifically designed to enhance your progress. Each module will be equipped with coaching where I will walk you through exactly what you need to do each week, explaining each step, guiding you through the sticky stuff and loading you  with precise tools and tips that add up to make a transformational change from the inside out.

I work with people everyday overcoming these struggles and have seen how they succeed over and over again by simply adding in specifically designed tools over a short period of time .

Welcome to the Shift!

A total lifestyle and body transformation, designed to build a solid foundation that will shift the way you look and feel during the 8-week program and beyond.



On the contrary, this is specifically designed to work with you week by week, building on new lifestyle habits while totally transforming your body. This combination will support you FOREVER.


“This program is for anyone who says ‘I have tried everything and nothing works’, then this is definitely for them because it is EXACTLY opposite of everything else out there.”

“This is the only program that I have ever stuck with!  I was nervous because I had failed before. I loved that I could eat what I wanted and enjoyed trying new things and challenging myself. It really taught me to be aware of what I am eating and was great to be able to build upon the things I had already learned in the past weeks. I never thought about how food made me feel before I met Maria.”

 “This was the first time in my life I was told not to be worried about counting calories or fat. I was convinced I was a sugar junkie before doing this program. It’s so empowering to understand why and when I should eat things! I realized I was really enjoying what I was eating and actually tasting my food during the program. I have two little ones and I now have the knowledge to teach them how to fuel their bodies.”

“I used to get terrible migraines at least once a week that would really affect my body. Since I started the program [5 weeks prior], I have only had one!”

“This program is loaded with a ton of info and guidance but at my own pace. It is a different way of thinking that is natural and realistic. Not just focused on fast weight loss or just weight loss. I am more excited to eat because I know what I am eating is good for me. It allows me to enjoy my food and feel more relaxed.”

“The mind work was so powerful! You reminded me that the internal messages we tell ourselves should have a more positive light.”

 “I have had severe joint pain in my hands specifically for years. I thought it was just due to my profession as a hairdresser. I was told many times by my chiropractor to cut out sugar but it was something I never thought I could do. Since the program, my hands feel way better than ever and I haven’t had to see the chiropractor as often. This was huge for me!”

“What made this program different from others I have tried was Maria’s holistic approach and perspective of learning from slip-ups rather than fearing them and getting completely derailed.  Also, she really looked at ways to support me rather than just honing in on dropping sugar or restricting food.”

“I did the program over 9 months ago and I am still  seeing results! I am back to the same size I was on my wedding day and just bought the cutest retro two piece that I am actually so excited to wear in front of people! It has carried with me and I find myself taking on new challenges to ingrate when it feels right to me. I can’t tell you how much this program really works if you let it.”

That is the key right there!

You can attempt to make big changes in your diet, exercise or mindset but if it doesn’t become habit, it becomes unmanageable and unmaintainable, putting you right back in diet defeat.

Most programs, diets and even books suggest doing everything at once which leaves you overwhelmed, confused and perhaps even frustrated. It is too much all at once making you either stressed out through the process or not doing it at all.

Through my own health journey and also in my one-on-one practice, I found that people excel when they are given a specific area to focus on for a short period of time. This allows them to not only manage the new shift in thinking and eating but also gifts them the opportunity to see how each change really improves their health and body.

The Mind Body Shift is built for you to succeed!

Each week you will be implementing a new tool that will add to your transformation. You will be educated and loaded with material helping and supporting you with every tip and tool that will transform you from the inside out.

PLUS, you will be receiving additional support, guidance and coaching through each dietary/lifestyle change from a highly energized group as well as myself each week.

As we go throughout the 8 weeks, we will be building upon the week before so that by the end of the program, you will have over eight powerful new changes that are now HABITS.  Not to mention, a transformation with your body, energy and relationship to food like never before.

I don’t claim this stuff to be easy.

Actually, I find it to be some of the most challenging work for those who have experienced years of unhappiness with their body and energy.

To get to the root of the negative thought patterns and self-defeating patterns can definitely be challenging.

However, I will tell you that it makes eating, exercising and self-love a whole lot easier.

You will never look at another diet again.

This is the stuff that actually sticks and becomes habitual in your every day.

You no longer look at days as “good eating days” or “bad eating days”.

You don’t allow slip-ups to become fatal errors.

You decrease the frequency of making those slip-ups because you’ve removed the stigma around them.

You start to realize that things are slowly coming together and it no longer takes effort.

You actually start to makes decisions based on how you want to feel versus emotional impulse or cravings.

You trust yourself around food and the decision you make everyday.

That is what I want for you.


During the 8 weeks you will receive:

  • A new module each week filled with specific tools and guidelines for you to implement, as well as focus practices designed to totally change the way you think about food & your body.
  • How-to training videos that walk you through recipes, lifestyle tips and exercises that simplify each step and make it easy to implement into your every day.
  • Meal ideas that fulfilling, delicious and family friendly (No Deprivation in this  program).
  • Weekly check-in forms that keep you accountable, focused and on pace.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions each week with me where you get all of your questions answered, as well as more depth content to help you succeed each week. (That’s a $500 value alone!)
  • Easy to follow instructions on how to make your own nut milk, granola bars, skin care products and daily detox regimes that will totally change your body.
  • A program that doesn’t require you to remove your beloved daily coffee nor kill your love for wine or social life:)
  • Food guidelines and Swap-Out  list each week to help you day to day.
  • My Shift Recipe Book and Indulgent Dessert Handbook filled with over 50 pages of easy to make and delicious recipes to help inspire your mealtime.
  • Grocery list of what to buy, how to store food and tips on saving money while eating clean.
  • A boatload of local resources including a list of Farmer’s Markets, delicious restaurants, grocery stores and delis where you can find everything you need during the 8 weeks.


  • A kick-ass guidebook on how to make the most delicious smoothies for all of your health needs including Protein Packed Post-Workout Smoothie, Super Citrus Energizing Smoothie and Glowing Skin Smoothie.
  • Additional Healthy Lifestyle Guideline with loads of additional tips to try out and further enhance your progress.
  • A weekly meal guide that will assist you in preparing your food to support you during and even after the 8 weeks.


If you answer YES to any of the following, than this is EXACTLY what you need:

Looking to get your health and body back on track.

Suffering from indigestion, bloated bellies or chronic fatigue.

Have tried to make health choices but can’t seem to stick with it or make it work for you.

Overwhelmed on how to make changes that can support the whole family.

Haven’t found a way of eating that is maintainable and successful after years of chronic dieting.

Afraid of change and nervous on how you will be able to keep up with it.

Tired of the roller coasters of deprivation to self sabotage & starvation to closet eating.

Ready to improve your health, energy and body in a way that lasts!

This program is beyond anything I have seen out there. For that reason, it is important to me that you are surrounded by other people who are positive, open-minded and ready to really excel physically, mentally and emotionally.


Commonly Asked Questions and Concerns

What if I have no idea how to cook?

Great!  I know you have a busy life and the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. The 8 Week Mind/Body Shift works to help you learn easy tips to preparing healthy delicious meals that your whole family will enjoy.

My kitchen is not full of healthy food choices and I don’t have time to go grocery shopping before it begins. How will I be successful?

I designed this program for this exact reason! Most people who are struggling to understand what eating healthy looks like for them run into this concern. The very first week of this program guides you through how to clean out some of the less-than-healthy foods in your kitchen and how to fill it up with the foods that will support you best throughout the program. I give you tips on the most cost-effective foods and how to properly store them to ensure you aren’t wasting your money on spoiled health food.

My social calendar is always busy. What if I don’t have time to diet during a busy schedule?

What if I told you that this isn’t a diet? Rather, it is a method to get you out of the old mindset that you can’t be social and fun while eating great and feeling even better. No more “on-the-wagon/off-the-wagon” thinking! You will find more piece and pleasure in your social events during this program that will keep you moving in the right direction.

I have kids and a husband. I don’t want to cook two separate meals for them and for myself.

Eating is a social event that brings people together. The last thing you should be doing is eating alone or separate foods from everyone else. The recipes and meal plans in this program take into consideration the other important folks in your life. Most of the people who do this program are mothers, wives, husbands or have a significant other in their life and have loved the ability to make it a family affair (without them even knowing it most of the time:)

I have done so many weight loss and diet programs with minimal lasting success. Will I lose weight on this?

Everyone’s journey is different and that is why this program is so amazing! It helps you to figure out what is maybe holding you back from experiencing vibrant health and body confidence. Many people remark in pounds or inches lost throughout the 8 weeks and many more remark about the steady slimming that occurs even after the program is finished. Know that this program goes way beyond the weight loss fixation and really highlights how good you can really feel when you make your health and body a priority.

Are the meetings in-person?

This program was initially done in-person but many people struggled having another meeting to run off to and take them away from their homes, kids, work etc. I wanted this to be accessible to everyone anywhere. That is why this is a completely virtual program that you can do from the comfort of your home, office or out in a park! All you need is an email address and phone to be successful. So simple!

I am not used to spending this kind of money on a diet program. Is it really worth it?

Anything that is new and unknown can seem scary. Trust me, I know from many personal experiences. But each one gave me so much value and shifted the way I approached life. What I would ask you is “What would it cost you if things didn’t change?” What kind of constant emotional, physical and even financial stress would you experience if you kept doing what you are doing right now? All I know is that the response from people who have done this program is that it is completely different than anything they have ever done and it changed the way they thought, moved, ate and lived each day. To me, that’s priceless.

Are there going to be added cost for supplements on this program?

I believe that true health needs to have a foundation around food. Supplements are simply that…supplemental. There are no require supplements for this program in order for you to succeed. Many times, I will get asked about supplements during the program and will always give my opinion on the best kind with the best price. There is no expectation for you to buy or take them. The only costs you will have outside of the program price is your normal grocery bill:).

Will I be expected to count calories and track my food each day?

I believe food should not be a confusing calculated process. On the flip side, I truly believe we have lost our connection to not only our food but also how we choose to eat, how much we eat and even how to feel about food. In this program, you will never be asked to count a single calorie, track each bite you take or step on a scale. I am bringing you back to trusting in your decisions around food, understanding how to truly measure progress in terms of weight loss and being the best health advocate for yourself. This is anything but a diet. It is a life changer.

What if I can’t stick to the program 100%?

I find perfection to be exhausting and quite honestly, pretty boring. This is not a strive-for-perfection type of program. I understand life happens and that is something that isn’t going to change any time soon. Rather than feel like you need to do something 100% perfect or not at all what if you were given permission to screw-up, fall behind or even add your own little twist to it? That is exactly what I encourage during the 8 weeks! This is YOUR designed lifestyle program. It needs to be able to work with life’s little obstacles, surprises and hissy fits. Most participants are surprised by how easy it is to make the weekly changes and even get excited for the next ones. If you “fall off”, you can just as easily hop back on. There is no failing in this program.

What is the investment?

I know the power of this program and believe that it can truly get people to the next level of their health goals. A program like this would cost upwards of $800 if done with me one-on-one.

However, I want this to be something that allows you to step into the freedom from food and diet confusion without breaking the bank.

The cost of The Mind Body Shift is a one time payment of




Mind Body Shift Installment
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout $155.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1) $155.00 USD
Total $310.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for


Any time you want to look back and fine tune the new muscles you will be strengthening throughout the 8 weeks, you will have it at the palm of you hand to keep you moving up and up.

 I know the powerful effects it has on every single person who has completed it and I can’t wait to see the outcomes of this round. Hope to see you on board!


“Guess who just bought their first pair of skinny jeans? This girl! Every set of scrubs I wore for work are all loosey-goosey on me. I sent my old go-to jeans to St. Vinny’s and my new jeans are 2 SIZES SMALLER!

I initially was afraid this was going to get far out like ‘only eat nuts that fell off of a tree’ or too strict like ‘don’t eat carbs’. This program has made me more excited to eat! Last year at this time, I would have shut off the lights cause I would have finished all the candy before Halloween. This year, I have hardly touched it! No more desire for junk food.

I look forward to seeing how far I can go with this now that I have the tools I need to keep me going until I’m elderly. I renamed this program: AWESOME TIL I’M 80!

– M.M

“My energy level is way up…no more midday crashing. My stomach got increasingly less bloated and far flatter. Plus, I dropped 11 pounds in the 8 weeks all while really enjoying what I was eating. I was a huge Weight Watchers person before this program and was nervous it wouldn’t work. However, I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone because is so different from anything I have ever done!

It’s so empowering to understand why and when I should eat things and focusing on one thing at a time made it so easy to do. I really loved the combination of the body-mind- food work and how you told us the importance of indulging without feeling guilty. It allowed me to treat myself and move on without spiraling out of control.

I want to thank you again. I really feel wonderful and am inspired to do more. You rock Maria!”


“I have awful skin…but this past week, I have noticed a huge change in my pores and dark eye circles. I might even consider leaving the house without a full face of make-up!”


“I’m just paying more attention to what I eat in general rather than mindlessly consuming things.  I notice the taste more and the depth of something like a truffle.  Before it was much more robotic and numbing.

I was slightly concerned about signing up for the program and worried it might not be worth the investment. I thought I wouldn’t receive much information that I didn’t already know.  Also, I wondered if it would “work”, because it was not my first attempt to improve my health.

The idea of not planning my life based off of the possibility of what might happen 20% of the time really flipped a switch for me.  I was throwing away so many chances to put some great things in place. This program really inspired me to have the courage to incorporate many things that I would have just cast aside before because if I couldn’t do them 100% of the time I wasn’t going to do them at all.  Gahhh, what bondage! “


“I am so happy with what I accomplished so far. I lost 14 lbs and have so much more energy! I used to feel so tired and now I hardly ever feel that way. I have gained so much more confidence in my body and actually feel comfortable in my skin.  

I loved the variety of topics we covered and really looked forward to the weekly meetings. I love all of you tips! I am much more aware of how I am going to feel after I eat something and my stress/anxiety has improved since I started. This program is so different from any other program. I am so glad that I got to work with you!”


“Thank you so much Maria! I really looked forward to the weekly emails and coaching calls. This is a complete health and well-being program, not just a food focused program. I have refocused on nourishing my body the way it needs to be nourished. Unexpectedly, I have also been focusing on pleasurable experiences that do not involve food. This program teaches how to really treat our bodies with the love and respect they need.”

– A.M

“Feeling really good! This program has been so eye opening and I definitely have seen such a shift in my outlook on food and noticed my children have been very open to all of the changes!  We have a jar of candy at my salon…always my weakness!  And I am proud to say I never am even tempted by it anymore!  I can’t wait to learn more and go over all of my info!  I have been sharing your info with all of my clients!  I feel like this is the tip of the iceberg!  But I am so thankful to you for teaching me so many wonderful things!!!
I feel very confident and am liking my new changes and can’t wait for more!  You’re the best Maria!

“If you would have told me in the before this program that I would be able to get over my sugar cravings, I would have told you you were crazy. Looking back on what I have achieved in regards to my food choices is a great feeling.” 

My 100% Money Back Guarantee:

I wanted to make this a no brainer for you by providing a 100% money back guarantee. If during the 8 weeks, you  send in every weekly check-in form and don’t see or feel an improved version of you once the program is completed, I will refund your investment up to 3 days after the program ends. No questions asked.

I am that confident in this program and have seen the amazing changes people who were committed to the process experience. I know you will too!

If you have any questions regarding the program, not sure if it is right for you or have problems registering, you can contact me at mtviall@gmail.com.

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