Frozen Dark Chocolate Cups

These are my absolute favorite! Plus if you make them using raw cacao, they are packed with SUPERFOOD goodness! Bring on the chocolate!

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Frozen Dark Chocolate Cups

Yield 6-8 servings


¼ cup raw cacao or baking chocolate (check ingredients to make sure it doesn’t have sugar)

2 tbspn coconut oil

3 tbspn raw almond or natural peanut butter (again check for no added sugar)

½ tspn vanilla extract

2 tbspn honey or 1 tspn stevia (the honey will have some natural sugar in it)


Place muffin cups on a baking sheet or large plate. Melt coconut oil, honey/stevia and your choice of either raw almond or peanut butter in a pan on the lowest heat.  Add vanilla extract and stir. Remove from heat and pour mixture evenly into muffin cups (the small ones are great for bite size treats). Immediately place into freezer for 20 min. These enjoyed best straight from the freezer.

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