Cold/Flu Tonic

Cold and flu season is here. How are you going to help defend yourself from the fall flu blues?


One of my favorite (and most delicious) ways to dispel the seasonal flue is to have my Lemon Ginger Honey Tonic on hand. This is a wonderful way to help deal with the sniffles for all ages. (Minus infants)


The lemon in this recipe is a great source of Vitamin C which is a natural immune booster while the ginger helps break up mucus. However, they are marinated in the powerhouse of this recipe, which is raw honey.

Raw honey is very medicinal with antibacterial properties. It is imperative that it is made with raw honey otherwise you swap out the medicinal properties for just empty calories.


Lemon Ginger Honey Tonic

1 jar Raw Honey

1 thumbs-length piece of raw ginger

1 organic lemon

A sealable glass jar


  1. Slice lemon into equally sized slices. Remove any seeds.
  2. Chop ginger into very small pieces or use a garlic press.
  3. Pour or scoop raw honey into glass jar making a small layer at the bottom.
  4. Cover with one lemon slice.
  5. Top lemon slice with ginger pieces (be liberal with amounts).
  6. Repeat steps 3 thru 5 until jar is filled.
  7. Seal jar and keep in refrigerator.
  8. Take a teaspoon when needed or add to hot/warm water for a soothing tea.
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