Bowl Craze

Maybe because everything tastes better in a bowl that the bowl craze is trending in the health food world or it allows you to eat most of your meals with a spoon (my utensil of choice).

I think the biggest reason the Bowl Craze has hit us hard is that it makes meal prep that much easier. The rules: If it fits in the bowl, it works.


Types of Bowls:

  • Smoothie Bowls: a combination of fruit, vegetables, dairy free milk and your choice of toppings (granola, chia, hemp hearts, fruit, coconut, etc.)
  • Breakfast Bowls: eggs, turkey bacon, sautéed veggies, avocado, sweet potato
  • Buddha Bowl: a vegetarian spin on the bowl loaded with beans, whole grains, tempeh, veggies, nuts/seeds and avocados
  • Basic Bowl: this can be made for any meal and pretty much follows some simple rules on what will end up being a satisfying blend of nutrients to help keep you fueled:
  1. Select your choice of protein: chicken, turkey, egg, tempeh, salmon, beans, lentils, protein powder.
  2. Add your antioxidants: fruit, raw, sautéed, roasted veggies or a combination of all of them.
  3. Pick a complex carb: quinoa, oatmeal, beans/lentils, sweet potato, brown rice.
  4. Choose your fat: avocado, tahini, coconut, nuts/seeds, chia seeds, flax, hemp hearts, olive oil.

Tips on creating the best bowl:

  1. FFP: make sure you have healthy fat fiber and protein in each bowl creation to keep you satiated and blood sugar levels stable.


  1. Avoid the blood sugar bomb: many bowls are simply fruit and carbohydrate based. Even healthy choices of these foods can make your blood sugar soar without having fat or protein to keep it steady.


  1. Load up the Veg: Bowls can make eating vegetables a lot easier since it is all mixed in one delicious creation.


  1. Get creative with toppings: Get creative with toppings: this is really where you can turn your bowl into a masterpiece worth eating. Avocaod, nuts, seeds, spices, fruit, granola, hemp hearts, veggies can all turn a sad little bowl into a work of delicious art.
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