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Healthy Spins on Holiday Treats 0

The holidays are for all things merry and bright…so why do we all feel like it’s hard to stay energized and light? No more Yuletide weight gain with these healthy spins on some holiday treats. Eggnog  Serves 2-4 Vegan Recipe Ingredients 1/2 cups raw almonds + 1 1/2 cup water OR 1 1/2 cups almond […]



Natural Remedies to Help Deal With Heartburn 1

One of the reasons I decided to go into holistic health was the idea that we can relieve many issues relating to health by addressing the person and the issue not just the symptom. To watch the segment on The Morning Blend, click here. That brings me to the subject of this post and something I see […]

10 Foods to Ditch From Your Kitch 0

We all know there are certain foods that aren’t healthy for us (sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined foods). However, do you know that some of your common day foods are guilty of having all of these in their ingredient list? Watch the Morning Blend segment here. Check out my list of 10 foods to ditch from your […]

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To Juice or To Smoothie? 0

Juice and smoothies bars are popping up everywhere and it seems that everyone is getting on the wagon. So what is all the hype? Are juices and smoothies the next health craze or are they really good for you? Which one is better for you? Both juicing and smoothies boost your intake of antioxidants in […]

Achy? How Your Diet Could Be At Fault 0

When people think about inflammation, they usually associate it with achy joints and arthritis. However, inflammation is at the root cause of most health problems including bronchitis, diverticulitis, conjunctivitis, acne, and even heart disease. Research shows that inflammation in the body not only increases your risk of disease but can make it tougher to lose […]

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Backed Up? Tips to Dealing With Constipation 0

It’s something that a majority of people struggle with but never discuss or think about until we are really uncomfortable. Constipation. What does constipation look like? Going to the bathroom 1 or less times a day, pushing/straining while on the toilet or having small, pellet like bowel movements. Sound familiar? What I find unfortunate is that it […]

How to Get Ahead of Your Headache 0

When asked about headaches, a large majority of my clients share that they experience them on a regular basis. This can range from minor headaches to debilitating migraines but all in all, they are nuisance to their every day life. The common go-to when a headache comes on is to pop an Advil , Tylenol […]

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The Healing Benefits of Bone Broth 0

Bone broth has been receiving a lot of attention lately and has even become “trendy” with bone broth bars and cafes popping up on the coasts. The word is out on the health benefits this traditional beverage can bring. It has been ingrained in our heads that when you are sick, chicken soup is the […]