An Affair to Remember

It seems I have a crush. Scratch that. I am having a deep, sensual love affair this holiday season.This affair is so amazingly satisfying and doesn’t come with any of the typical negative backlash or breakup side effects. Truth is,  I am having a love affair with avocados.

Health Benefits to Avocados, Healthy Fats

Yes, you read that correctly. My affair with avocados has been festering for some time but it has truly developed into a daily sensual interaction within the past few weeks. The best part about this affair is that many may look at it as risky. “It’s too fattening” or “That will show up later” are all snickered remarks my beloved avocado hears constantly. However, both my avocado and I know that this affair has a “no risk and high reward” entity that many don’t understand.

To start, avocados contain the properties of a whole meal within its creamy center. Avocados are classified as a fruit yet provide protein, healthy oils and fats, over 20 vitamins and minerals and complex carbohydrates. Eating half of an avocado with your meal will not only keep you feeling satisfied long after you eat, it will also help balance your blood sugar levels.

However, my lover is not only about satisfying my hunger. Avocados boast health benefits that will get you running to your local produce section in a heartbeat.

  • Glowing skin and hair (when used internally and externally)
  • Prevents breast cancer and heart disease
  • Contains 23% of your daily recommended dose of folic acid
  • Contains more potassium than a banana
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases and hypertension
  • High levels of lutein help in the prevention of macular degeneration and cataract
  • High in monosaturated fats (the good sexy fats)
  • Helps balance blood sugar and promotes weight loss

Some great ways to increase your daily affair:

  • sliced avocados sprinkled with sea salt
  • chopped up on top of your favorite salad
  • blended into soups to add some creamy goodness
  • guacamole…..mmmm!
  • spread inside your morning omlette or on the side of you sunny side ups!

Don’t worry. I am not a jealous nor selfish lover. I actually encourage you all to expand your boundaries and add a little avocado into your love life. Trust me, it will be an affair to remember.


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