10 Foods to Ditch From Your Kitch

We all know there are certain foods that aren’t healthy for us (sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined foods). However, do you know that some of your common day foods are guilty of having all of these in their ingredient list?

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Check out my list of 10 foods to ditch from your kitch plus what to replace them with:

  1. Flavored Yogurt (ALL KINDS): high in sugar and artificial flavors/coloring. REPLACE WITH: Plain full fat yogurt and sweetened with fresh/frozen fruit, honey or maple syrup
  2. Ketchup: high in sodium and sugar that is mostly from high fructose corn syrup. 2 tbsp= 8grams sugar. REPLACE WITH: Homemade ketchup, organic or mild salsa. Check out my recipe for homemade ketchup here.
  3. Flavored Coffee Creamers: laden with artificial colors and flavors, trans fats and fake ingredients. REPLACE WITH: use organic half and half or whole milk, almond/coconut milk (carrageenan free) with vanilla extract and raw honey or maple syrup to sweeten.
  4. Deli meats: salt, sugar, chemically laden, highly processed meat. Strong link to chronic disease. REPLACE WITH: chicken or turkey breast
  5. Margarine/Spreadable “butters”: full of inflammatory trans fats, hydrogenated oils and highly processed ingredients. REPLACE WITH: Real butter, avocado, olive oil, ghee
  6. Store Bought Salad Dressings: hydrogenated soybean and vegetable oils, high in sodium and sugar and empty calorie packed. REPLACE WITH: homemade dressing with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, sea salt, black pepper. Check out my Ginger Sesame Dressing or Lemon Garlic Dressing.
  7. Commercial Brand Peanut Butter: high in sugar, hydrogenated oils. REPLACE WITH: peanut or nut butter containing only nuts, sea salt/salt. No oils or sugar in ingredient list.
  8. Commercial Cereals: high sugar, fructose corn syrup, additives and artificial colors, flavored, etc. REPACK WITH: Try making your own granola using my recipe here.
  9. Canned Foods: BPA has been circulating as something to avoid for last 5-10 years. Unfortunately, many of the cans that our canned goods come in are not BPA free. Although there isn’t solid evidence to tell us that is may be harmful to us, there definitely is not solid evidence to tell us that it is safe. REPLACE WITH: Frozen options, glass, tetra pack, or BPA free cans.
  10. Pickles/Relish with artificial coloring: This is one that makes me a bit frustrated. I love pickles and grew up with them being a prominent part of our families garnish tray. However, almost all pickles/relish use yellow #5 or other dyes as well as potassium sorbate, calcium chloride, etc. in them. Crazy huh? That is to keep that nice neon green/yellow color in the brine. REPLACE WITH: Pickle products that don’t contain artificial coloring (Bubbie’s Pickles, Wienke’s )
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